Do You Feel It?

The earth is waking up again. The sun feels warmer, the days are getting longer. The snow is beginning to melt away and the world feels like it is humming, getting energized. The winter has been long and may feel everlasting, but surely change is in the air.

The Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere takes place today, March 19, at 11:49 p.m. EST. Thus, Spring will arrive. If you are like me and are living in a colder climate of North America, it may not seem very…”spring-ish” outside. The temperatures are still low and more snow is sure to fall in the coming weeks. However, the forces of nature are at work, bringing us closer to the powerful energy of samos! Watch for the arrival of migratory animals, glimpses of newly greening grass through melted snow, and buds on the trees. It is truly an exciting time of year, full of metamorphosis.

I will be celebrating the arrival of the Spring Equinox beginning at sundown today and through until sundown tomorrow. I plan to light some candles in the evening, meditate, and encourage our waking sun through its journey. The following day, I plan to paint some eggs, symbolizing the impending fertility of nature. Some I may choose to paint with symbols of the goals I wish to come to life this year. I will bury these eggs in the earth so that she may help them grow. I may also do some “spring cleaning”, and decorating of my apartment to reflect and attract a more bright environment.

Do you observe the Spring Equinox? What do you call it in your religion, belief system, or community? What do you do to celebrate? Tell me in the comments below!

-Tara Ashleigh